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Weathereye Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I buy Weathereye products?

A. Weathereye Clocks and Weather Stations are stocked by independent retailers and Garden Centres throughout the UK. They can also be purchased, mail order, via this site.

Q. Are Weathereye clocks only meant for outdoor use?

A. All Weathereye Clocks have been designed to cope with the extremes of British weather and feature fully weatherproof cases and movements. Whilst they have been designed to function perfectly outdoors, they are equally at home indoors, as a feature clock in any room in the home.

Q. My software says there is an error during the installation process, how can I solve this?

A. This was an issue with earlier software, but replacement software is now available to download here:.

Professional Touch Screen Weather Station Software WEA22 zip Download HereDownload 1.39 MB

Q. My electronic Weather Station does not seem to be communicating properly with its outdoor sensor?

A. When changing batteries on Weather Station models WEA21 and WEA22, it is best to insert the batteries into the outdoor sensor first. If you experience any problems simply take the batteries out of the indoor console, wait a few seconds and then re-insert them. This will rectify any communication issues between the remote sensor and the indoor console.

Q. The software for my Weather Station (model WEA22) does not Autorun?

A. Should the software not Autorun when you insert the CD-Rom, simply open the CD-Rom contents using “My Computer” and copy the files to your chosen location on your PC’s hard drive. For added convenience you can create a shortcut to “Easy Weather” on your desktop.

Q. What is Humidity?

A. Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. It is usually expressed as 'relative' humidity, expressed as a percentage. A relative humidity of 100% means the moisture content of the air is the maximum possible at any particular temperature. The hotter the air, the more moisture it can hold.

When relative humidity is low, evaporation is rapid. Soil dries out, wet clothes dry quickly and perspiration evaporates from the skin. When relative humidity is high, clothes dry slowly and we feel sticky, hot and uncomfortable.

Humidity is measured using a hygrometer. To calibrate a hygrometer it can be wrapped in a damp cloth for a while and then the dial set to read 100%.

Q. What is pressure?

A. Atmospheric pressure is the force exerted on the Earth by the weight of the air above and is measured by a barometer.

Different pressure regimes have different types of weather associated with them. Studying trends in atmospheric pressure allow predictions to be made about how the weather will develop.

Q. Should I set my barometer to Sea Level?

A. Atmospheric pressure is simply the weight of the column of air above your barometer, so this will depend on how high your house is above sea level. Lifting up the barometer by about 8 metres gives a decrease of about 1 mb.

A barometer can easily be set, and adjusted to sea level at the same time, by obtaining the actual pressure from nearest weather centre, preferably on a clear and calm day when the pressure will not be changing rapidly or varying much from place to place.

Q. Can I use the Easyweather software with Windows 7?

A. The latest version of the software available from the "Downloads" page is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems.

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